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Welcome to Proper Rumpus Media an eclectic collective of artists with a love for many different mediums and a desire to share our passions with the world This is our home for podcasts social media projects and physical art Enjoy

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Jabbo and the Teeb is our very first Podcast for Proper Rumpus Media. Two guys sit down and discuss all things pop culture, tv, movies, news and everything in between in a very funny and sometimes/most of the time filthy way. From time to time we bring on Special Guest Igonutz and get an added layer of love and flair.

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Jabbology is a personal life journal where the host Jabbo sits down with different people who are important to him or inspires him in different ways. He has had interviews with artsits, family, and even his 9 year old daughter. If you ever want to know what makes him tick you will get to know so much about him and all that he does. So join us and give him a listen.

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Sleep it

This is a movie review podcast with a twist where your hosts Nashon and TJ watch only the first 15 min of all of your favorite movies and they decide if the movie is a sleep it or a keep it. Stick around for next episode to see if they stayed with their decision after watching the whole movie

Keep it

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Brought together, and inspired, by a love for Kevin Smith‘s movies, podcasts and “Why Not?” philosophy. Rico & C.J. get together weekly to discuss everything movies and pop-culture from different coasts and different generations

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Musings of the Nerd Scorpio

Join Michele as she records Podcasts/reaction videos and detailed reviews about video games, TV shows, movies, comics, cosplay and the adjustment of being a new parent.

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Join Rick our Twitch streamer who has a love like no other for gaming. He streams daily (except Saturday) and three nights a week. head on over and give him a follow.

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Welcome to Philbilly and Brocephus What the hell else do you call it Who cares just know it s not gonna be a one time thing I mean Igo shows up enough to bail me out why not give the man his own space Holy hell we get all comfy and share stories about well everything From opossum killing to being stranded in Montgomery Alabama we touch it all Even joke about touching each other it s a new refreshing spin in a familiar show space You ve heard it before now hear it again
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Come and listen to two music lovers talk about all things music From one hit wonders to best rock ballads to most overrated bands to best hip hop groups to best metal bands we cover it all and one of the hosts is an Airwaves radio DJ so the music discussions we have end up in list form and get played in his radio show It s a music lover s paradise so tune in and enjoy our X J Radio Podcast
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What happens when you make so much art, you can't keep it all? You sell it! Welcome to the Gallery Of Rumpus, a place where we can showcase and sell the art we love making. If we had space for it all, we would probably keep it, but why not offer some of our favorite and custom pieces to you?

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